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Kapalua Villas 4*

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  • The villas are some of the best condos in Maui and perfect for your Hawaiian golf vacation. They ooze luxury with all the modern amenities you could possibly need. The resort takes full advantage of its idyllic location, with 3 private beaches and 2 stunning onsite golf courses with outstanding views of the Pacific Ocean. The resort also has a whopping 11 restaurants as well as tennis courts and hiking trails.

    The staff are extremely hospitable, something synonymous with Hawaii. The island of Maui itself is an incredibly unique experience with the chance of viewing migrating humpback whales as well as magnificent sunrise and sunset on one of several beaches.


    • Swimming Pool
    • Tennis
    • Spa
    • Bars
    • A selection of restaurants
  • What is the check-in and check-out time?
    Check in time is at 3pm with check out at 11am.
    How many restaurants are there and do I need to pre-book?
    There is an array of restaurants with some requiring a booking.
    Are there any dress codes to be aware of?
    Most restaurants require smart casual in the evening.
    Are the leisure facilities free of charge?
    Yes, all onsite facilities are included.
    Is there internet access and is it complimentary?
    Yes, it’s complimentary
    Is there on-site parking and what is the charge?
    Yes, it’s complimentary
Useful Information

Kapalua Villas, 2000 Village Rd, Lahaina, HI 96761